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Engendering Balance Limited takes a fresh approach to leadership that is grounded in research and draws on experience and progressive thinking - meeting a need for leadership that is attuned to today’s world and poised for creating future success.

The work of developing leadership has rarely been so crucial and the generative approach of Engendering Balance (EB) strikes a chord with many people who work in this area. We offer a powerful framework that enables clients to discover a more expansive way of thinking about leadership - generating ideas that can be applied in an immediate and directly relevant way within their workplace. 

In response to a stream of requests, we have created this Practitioners’ Professional Development (PPD) programme for fellow practitioners who are engaged in developing leadership with individuals, teams and organisations.

who for?

This programme is for people who have experience in developing leadership, a capacity to work systemically, and an appetite to work at depth.  You may be an external provider - an executive coach; a team coach or an OD consultant.  Or you may be working from within an organisation, in a role that has a sustained focus on developing leadership capacity and creating future-ready leadership cultures.

What you gain

You gain knowledge of cutting edge leadership thinking and practice, adding valuable and progressive resources that can be woven into your current professional practice.  What you learn is based on the Engendering Balance approach, which has been successfully applied within leadership coaching, team development, leadership programmes; and culture change initiatives. Equally important, you will gain insights that support your personal growth and self-awareness as a practitioner.

The PPD programme was an electrifying experience for me. Having worked in leadership development for well over 15 years I have grappled with engaging clients at the depth necessary to help them bring about significant and lasting change.  To find a way to facilitate real movement was uplifting.
— From a participant


The PPD programme introduces participants to our



These are: 

  • To think beyond the leader role to leadership throughout the whole system - paying attention to both the social and the operational systems.
  • To be ready for working at all the layers of learning. Explore visible behaviours and skills; delve through to the underlying emotions and motivations; and seek to understand deep cultural patterns and assumptions that shape leadership.
  • To encourage people to draw upon the full range of qualities of leadership practice and understand how they can balance and counter-balance each other in order to flourish in today’s world.  
  • To engage with leadership as a dynamic process - an ongoing sequence of awareness-choices-actions that create the conditions of success.
  • To keep in focus the leadership responsibilities for knowing ‘where we are going’, ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’.


Through the PPD programme, participants will experience these principles in action and will be equipped to bring them into their work with clients. They will strengthen their own ‘leadership as a practitioner’ through deep personal learning.

I found the PPD programme a breath of fresh air! It was at times challenging, always thought provoking but also tremendously supportive and enabling.
— Participant, 2015 programme

How is the PPD programme structured?


The full PPD programme is made up of two modules: Module One introduces you to a fresh and inspiring approach to leadership and provides resources to use in your client work - including our Qualities of Practice cards which are renowned for stimulating a meaningful exploration of leadership. Module Two adds further breadth and depth to the exploration of leadership, introducing you to a powerful Relational 360FF.  The learning process includes group learning followed up with one-to-one reviews of practice.

Module One can be completed as a stand-alone module and is also a prerequisite for Module Two. Upon your registration for the first module, you will receive a copy of our book: Engendering Balance - A Fresh Approach to Leadership. This is a short and accessible overview of our ideas and reading it in advance will give you a good foundation for the programme.

A licence to use the Qualities of Practice cards can be obtained following Module One, and a licence to use the Relational 360FF can be applied for following the completion of Module Two.



MODULE ONE – A Fresh Approach to Leadership

In Module One, we introduce the EB approach and guide you through a simple and powerful facilitation process that invites deep, safe and broad exploration of the leadership qualities that create the conditions for success.

The process can add value to your client work in a myriad of ways: to build awareness of the fundamental leadership qualities that we all possess; to enable personal growth; to explore better ways of working within teams; and to open up meaningful dialogue around creating flourishing and inclusive leadership cultures. Along the way, we equip you to work with our Qualities of Practice cards and through the one-to-one practice sessions which follow the group learning event, you get feedback to support your use of the cards.


MODULE TWO – The Depth and Breadth of Leadership

In Module Two you experience the powerful learning that can arise through working with the depth and breadth of leadership - engaging with beliefs and assumptions and unconscious processes that influence leadership. To explore this we use the Relational 360FF - our distinctive Feedback:Feedforward Process which guides leaders to deeper self-awareness and real growth in their leadership contribution.

You will have a rare opportunity for a deep consideration of your own leadership within the context of your coaching and facilitation work. You will be supported to develop your confidence and capacity to use the Relational 360FF process. Satisfactory completion of the supervised practice follow up day will enable you to purchase and use the Relational 360FF.



The power of the programme lay in the depth of impact it created on me personally, and in seeing the value of working at psychological depth, with care and professionalism. Truly inspirational!
— From a participant


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Dr Sue Congram

Sue completed her PhD in 2013, the results of her research inspired both the Leaderful Women Project and founding Engendering Balance Ltd. Sue has worked with leadership development for over 30 years in the UK and abroad. She has published a number of books on various aspects of her work. Sue’s clients describe her as creative, tenacious and inspirational, with an infectious zest for life.



Rosie Mayes MPhil

Rosie is an explorer and translator of ideas, with a flair for developing them into actionable plans and value-adding outcomes. A former international athlete, she has coached national, Olympic and Paralympic level sports professionals. She has been involved in leadership development, coaching and team facilitation for over 25 years in both the public and private sectors. Rosie’s clients describe her as grounded and reflective, on a constant quest to deepen her wisdom and knowledge.




Mary Musselbrook MSc

With a background holding senior positions in consulting and the drinks industry - and more recently, as an executive coach and facilitator across many sectors, Mary brings a valuable blend of in-company and external experience to her enduring passion for the work of developing leadership with individuals, teams and organisations. Her clients describe her as professional and engaging, combining constructive challenge with empathy.






In the work of engendering balance, we inspire people, teams and organisations to re-imagine leadership.  We share a fresh and expansive approach that recognises the wider range of leadership qualities that are needed in today’s world - and for tomorrow’s leadership. 

We engage in a systemic way, working at depth with our clients, developing leadership through idea sharing, inquiry, dialogue and progressive peer-learning forums.

Coaches, consultants and facilitators play a crucial role in generating the necessary shift towards a more dynamic model of balance in leadership. Through our Professional Practice Development Programmes, we are excited to be creating a community of practitioners who share a passion for looking wider, reaching deeper and growing stronger together in the work that we do.



The EB facilitators skillfully and quietly took us on a journey in a way that brought the best out in people and allowed for a lot of laughter along the way
— Participant, 2015 programme




Module One - A Fresh Approach to Leadership

With the EB Qualities of Practice

21st - 22nd November 2017

Cost: £900 + vat 

To book or to register your interest, please follow one of the links below



Module Two - The Depth and Breadth of Leadership

     With the EB 360FF

2 days + follow up day

Cost £1300 + vat

Enquiries now being taken for autumn 2017

To register your interest, please follow the link below


OTHER LOCATIONS:  Get in touch if you would like us to consider a programme in your location.

GROUP SIZE:  For the group learning events, we work with small groups and with a high ratio of participants to tutors.

CPD certificates will be provided.

This programme can be run in-house for internal coaches and facilitators. Please contact us to discuss.



OTHER:  We provide refreshments and a light lunch on the group days.  On day one of each module, we invite participants to join us for an evening meal.  Please make your own arrangements for accommodation if required. 

*There are a limited number of bursaries available for not-for-profit organisations and independent practitioners.

Interested but can't do these dates? Contact us to go on a reserve list. Further dates will become available.


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